Using UV Backlit LCD Display to Burn Images to Treated Paper (concept, not real)

This is a semi-fake experiment which I believe could work, but which I have not fully prototyped into a functional state. It is faked to show a concept.

By treating plain paper with a mix of food-grade ascorbic acid and a solution of UV ink infused with a setting agent, an LCD panel could cheaply be modified with UV LED backlights to become a low cost “photo-copier”.

Useful for quick copies when away from the office or when a printer is too bulky.

Monotone only. Low resolution.

5 Steps to Roadblock Removal

This is just a little chart I made our team to remind us that we shouldn’t linger on any single problem for too long before seeking some help and moving on. Unresolved roadblocks are the enemy of rapid prototyping, and efficiency in general! Hopefully someone else finds this reminder useful.


Do something dangerous today…

…but not stupid-dangerous, mind you… just dangerous enough to learn a lesson or void a warranty. Trust me. Voiding warranties is the best way to learn how something works. If it has more than one piece, I must take it apart (marbles, you’re safe, for now). It’s an illness that only a tiny screwdriver can cure.

I dedicate this post post to my latest victim, an innocent little LCD projection clock flashlight. I needed to know, so there it is. Gruesome, yes?

LCD Clock Flashlight

Keep on breaking stuff, friends!