Re-Projected Halloween Gore!

This was a fun side project at work for Halloween last year. I shot co-workers doing zombie things behind a large frosted glass window, then composited it all together with effects and re-projected it onto a conference room frosted door. The effect was great, and some people had trouble telling if it was real actors behind the door or if it was faked. Fun! Kind of stuff I love doing.

Here’s an unedited shot of the original footage:

Webcam Face Scanning Prototype

This was a small webcam-based face scanning rig built for an event called Otronicon. It consists of 8 Microsoft Lifecams, some LED lighting and an iPod for self alignment. A PC then controls the capture and reconstruction of 3D faces.

Augmented Reality Sports Prototypes

For a local science museum event, a colleague and I got the chance to build 3 mini-games based on augmented reality technology, in order to showcase one possible direction for the future of gaming. They were quick, simple prototypes, but the line to play them was rarely empty. Success!

Kinect Turntable Scanner

A fast scanner prototype I built a few days ago. The software is a slightly modified version of Nicolas Burrus’ RGBDemo 0.6.0 SLAM and RANSAC-based Kinect real-time reconstruction code.

It works pretty well considering the $150 total price tag!

Arduino King Cobra Game

When is the last time that an electronic device impaled you?
For me, it had been far too long.

Enter… The Arduino King Cobra! (TM, R, Copyright, Patent Pending… not really).
I had some new parts and wanted to build something during my lunch hour recently. This is what I came up with.
I call these sessions “One Hour Hackathons”. Only, it’s just me, and I rarely time them, and yes, they are lonely.

An Instructable tutorial for this project:

Using UV Backlit LCD Display to Burn Images to Treated Paper (concept, not real)

This is a semi-fake experiment which I believe could work, but which I have not fully prototyped into a functional state. It is faked to show a concept.

By treating plain paper with a mix of food-grade ascorbic acid and a solution of UV ink infused with a setting agent, an LCD panel could cheaply be modified with UV LED backlights to become a low cost “photo-copier”.

Useful for quick copies when away from the office or when a printer is too bulky.

Monotone only. Low resolution.

Sculpting in Mudbox with a Kinect

My First attempt at two handed control of a 3D application. It actually feels pretty natural. Need some more gestures set up for brush size, strength, zoom, pan etc.

It’s better suited to kiosks and short use situations. Mudbox was just for fun, and I certainly couldn’t get the level of precision with this method as a mouse or tablet. Just fer kicks!

Though I will say that traditional sculptors do that all the time. Great arm workout! I think once the Kinect or a sequel to it have the resolution and intelligence to track fingers individually, this’ll get really exciting!…. Said me in 2010… before the Leap Motion was available. ;)

Sculpting in Maya using Mocap Stage

Simple marker track used to create low resolution 3d sculpture. I saw this done with furniture once (of course in Europe where crazy stuff happens) and always wanted to try it!

Thanks to Ikinema, Vicon and Autodesk for making such cool-a$$ products!