Ground Projection for Night Jogging


I run at night, while the wee babies are dreaming of a more fit daddy, and the woodland creatures are doing their best to scare me from the roadside (and they do).

I have my iPhone with me for tunes, but I felt that I didn’t look stupid enough, so I came up with a chest-mounted ground projection rig. It both illuminates the path (and armadillos) directly in front of me and displays information, such as mileage, time, maps, etc.

A custom app I wrote constantly samples the gyro and accelerometer and counter-adjusts (position and rotation) the projected image. This results in less sway and bounce in the projected image on the ground while running. I intend to integrate some sort of pattern recognition into the motion detection so that I can more accurately predict and adjust the image based on the average motion over time.

I like it. It could be more comfortable to wear, but that’s for version 0.2.

An Instructable I wrote up (very brief): Photo Jul 03, 8 17 20 PM (1)