Built Multiple 3D Face Scanning Rigs For EA


A video of the rig in action:


Myself and two teammates were asked to expand on our knowledge of face capture from the simple little rigs built for the local science museum. Seen in this video is our 12 DSLR, fully automatic face scan rig. It syncs and triggers all cameras and flashes with an Arduino based logic unit. Everything is self contained in two checkable Pelican cases for airline travel at a moments notice.

It works great, down to capturing players wrinkles and pores!

Bluetooth Weather Lamp


I had a thought recently… “What if light bulbs could provide us with information, and not just light?” And so, I sketched up the “InfoLight”.

The idea is basically a pico projector in a bulb form factor. I simplify it to an LED, an LCD and a lens here, but really, that’s a pico projector. The bulb would be connected to Wifi or smart phone via Bluetooth LE 4.0 and display simple information and data on demand or ambiently all the time.


I want one. So I made a very crude version for weather, shown in the above video. I have little need for weather info, since I have a smart phone and windows in my house, but the idea still intrigues me.

Here are the guts. An Arduino, a Bluetooth LE module, an LED and a weather icon mask cut from cardboard. An iPhone app rotates the mask to project weather based on the forecast.



I wrote up an Instructable as well: